What are blackout curtains and how does it work?

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Many people use blackout curtains these days, most hotel rooms also have blackout curtains which you come across at some point, to block light, heat, and noise. But in case you don’t know about blackout curtains then this blog helps you to better understand about the blackout curtains and answer all the questions that come in your head regarding their functionality.

What are blackout curtains?

  • The blackout curtains aka blackout drapes comprise of more than one fabric. One on top is a fancy cloth, and the other is a double triple-layer liner at the rear.
  • The linings are densely interwoven, and even some of the finest blackout curtains have a foam or rubber backing to help insulate your windows.
  • Owing to the robust liner, the front-facing fabric, the front-facing fabric may be manufactured from a variety of materials.

The blackout curtains are the most stylish yet affordable home furnishing option that does more than giving an appealing look. We all know it blocks sunlight and helps you to get a good night’s sleep and reset your circadian rhythm.

But now the question is what the science behind the blackout curtains is.

How it works:

  • The blackout curtains may appear like a futuristic notion however the working principle behind the blackout curtain is quite simple, they are basic drapes with the touch of elegance.
  • The blackout curtains have a densely woven fabric lining or backing.
  • Sunlight and UV rays are impossible to permeate the drapes creating a pitch-black room that is a great ambiance to sleep in.
  • If properly placed or hung, room darkening drapes may block out 99.9 percent of sunlight.
  • The blackout curtains are multi-seasonal that may be enjoyed all year.

The fabric used n blackout curtains:

  • Blackout fabric for curtains is made up of a tightly woven polyester or cotton fabric that is added to the back of a cotton, suede, polyester, or velvet curtain.
  • A blackout lining added to your existing draperies might block some light while also saving you money.
  • Liners are sometimes less expensive than custom-made curtains.

Proper installation also plays a key role in blocking out light, along the fabric is also a crucial factor to consider.

  • When the curtain pole is hung too low or the metal rings are too big, light filter penetration occurs.
  • A decent blackout curtain will completely filter UV rays and natural sunlight, resulting in a pitch-black interior.

To conclude, the ideal blackout curtain should be of thick fabric and completely filter out UV rays and natural light. Blackout curtains are available in a variety of designs, colors, and the selling point of these curtains is their ability to create complete darkness in the room and create peace and tranquility in the room. It also helps to reduce noise pollution, which might be useful if you live next to a noisy neighborhood.