How Right Time Is Key to Successful Pre Construction Termite Extermination

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Pre Construction Termite Control is an extermination process for termites from any construction area. Before you begin with any new construction project, the construction premises should be well-protected against termites so the residents won’t face any infestation challenges after shifting. When you get this termite treatment done at the construction spot at the right time, the chances of its success go up considerably. Here is how it happens:

  • First of all, you should understand that pre construction termite control is a tricky process and its timing plays an important role in its success. The right time to get it done is the early stages of construction. It keeps termite infestation away from the constructed property.
  • The pre construction termite control is only effective against subterranean termites. It is ineffective for dry-wood termites.
  • At the construction site, the soil under the building and surrounding foundations should be chemically treated to prevent infestation of subterranean termites. A toxic layer of insecticides is created to restrict the termite entry.
  • After implementation of pre construction termite control process, if there is any construction task to be done at the site, the chemical layer may be removed.
  • In such a condition, the pre construction termite control professionals should be timely informed for the implementation of necessary restoration measures of the chemical barrier.

Do’s for Successful Pre Construction Termite Control

  • Every area at the construction site should get the prescribed dose of ant-termite solution for 100{f72c3bad9bedd2696c12410b2a9f18ea5e1c76129c8f30749ceb2ebcb0501ee1} effectiveness
  • The chemical barrier should be continuous and complete under the entire structure to be treated
  • All foundations must be in contact with the chemically-treated soil

Don’ts for Successful Pre Construction Termite Control

  • Do not permit anyone to enter the construction premises at the time of pre construction termite treatment
  • Do not keep insecticides in the empty containers


Hopefully you have now understood how right time can impact the success of the pre construction termite extermination. Primarily, ensure you get it done at the early stages of construction and then make sure no construction task is done at the treated area otherwise the barrier gets disturbed.

Pre construction termite control is one such pest control method that is attracting attention from people all over the world. However, it can only be successfully done by well-trained and knowledgeable professionals. If you want your new building to be 100{f72c3bad9bedd2696c12410b2a9f18ea5e1c76129c8f30749ceb2ebcb0501ee1} protected, make sure you get it treated by 365 Pest Control, a trusted and licensed PMP.