How to Prepare Your Yard For a Topsoil Delivery?

Home Improvements

Want to add aesthetic appeal to your home and yard? Invest in topsoil to take care of your plants and beautify your landscape. Multiple kinds of dirt are important to building beautiful, healthy gardens. Topsoil adds valuable nutrients vital for the plant growth and health of the yard.

It is possible to receive a topsoil delivery straight to your property. Thanks to the convenience of browsing and purchasing products online, you can have anything delivered to your doorstep without leaving the house.Hire Dirt Delivery San Diego

Follow along to know how can prepare your yard for topsoil delivery.

Getting Prepared For Topsoil Delivery


Getting your yard prepared prior to the delivery is important to spread the soil easily and evenly. If the yard is prepared, you can get straight to work, the moment topsoil has been dropped off.

Inspect the Receiving Topsoil


Equip yourself with valuable information about the topsoil and check if it is approved by the client and the relevant authorities.

Testing the pH of topsoil with commercially available soil testing kits is not enough. Consider other important factors such as the levels of potentially toxic elements (PTEs), electrical conductivity (uS/cm), nutrient status, texture, and soil structure.

Moreover, ensure that the soil has not been used for industrial purposes. If it is, the topsoil may have high levels of containments, not good for the health of the yard.

After inspection by a professional soil investigation service, take remedial action and invest in good, nutrient-rich soil for your yard.


Prepare the Yard


It is vitally important to prepare the yard before the topsoil delivery. Here’s how you can prepare the soil

  • Get Rid of Debris – Remove yard debris and containments including wood, twigs, dead leaves, rocks, concrete, bricks, tarmac, glass, etc to spread the topsoil easily.
  • De-Compactation – Cultivate the yard surface to the depth of 30mm to prepare for the new topsoil. Minimize pedestrian and vehicular traffic after cultivation.
  • Drainage – Install a suitable drainage system if you do not have free-draining land.
  • Remove Weeds – The land should be cleared of perennial and evasive weeds. Control and remove couch grass or Japanese Knotweed to improve the soil conditions.
  • Till The Subsoil – Till the subsoil to increase the overall richness of the land. Make sure it is done before the topsoil delivery arrives. It ensures the plant roots will have easy access to all nutrients needed for growth and development.


Plan An Effective Planting Scheme


After laying topsoil on your yard or existing garden, decide on a certain planting scheme compatible with the soil type, shelter, moisture, and sunlight levels.

Consider all the aforementioned factors and choose plants suitable for the soil. Plants and flowers will thrive and grow well in a favorable environment.

Final Thoughts


Topsoil is important to shape and beautify your landscape, plant a garden, fill uneven spots, and mitigate drainage issues of the soil. Once the yard is prepared, spreading the topsoil becomes easy and quick as soon as it has been delivered.