Have An Elegant Decor With Light Wall Partitions

Home Improvements

A correct interior of a house is the one that uses every square foot of the house. Plan your interior in such a way that it looks subtle. While using the space, ensure that it does not compromise the air and light in the house. Partition wall (ผนังเบา, which is the term in Thai) is one of the trending concepts in the interior industry. It enables you to use the space more efficiently. There are different types of partition walls in the market. You should use the one that suits your house and your pocket.

What Is The Partition Wall?

Partition walls are lightweight walls enclosed with solid wood or steel frames. Partition walls are covered with wall covering, so they look like part of our home. You can install these walls when you complete the interior.

Why Light Partition Walls?

A partition wall separates your living space into two. It means that you get some extra space in your home. Typical benefits of using light walls in your home are as follows:

  • Light
  • Easy To Install
  • Easily Removable
  • Pocket Friendly

One of the essential benefits of partition walls is that they make your house look good.

Types Of Partition Walls

Depending on the material used, we divide the lightweight walls into three types:

Gypsum Board

There are different types of gypsum boards. But most people prefer to take heat-resistant gypsum board to keep home cool. They also use gypsum board for interior ceiling work. Gypsum is more durable and comes with an excellent finish. It is environmentally friendly, and you can install it easily.

Fibre Cement Board

This type of partition board comprises cement powder, fibre and silica. All these materials are mixed in proportion to make this partition wall. One of its significant benefits is that it is weather resistant.

Cement Board

It is also known as cement veneer. The cement board comprises cement powder and wood chips, and it is sun-resistant and weather resistant. It is durable. You can also paint it according to your colour liking. This feature enables you to make your decor as per your taste.

Things To Remember Before Buying The Partition

These are light walls, but they do not require any support beam to install. The frames are lightweight; hence, they need a strong structure. Make sure when you buy the board that the materials used are solid and durable to have a good quality partition wall at your home.