Basic things you need to make your house clean and shinny

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When it comes to house cleaning, a list soon appears with a huge variety of products and items specific to each corner of the house. That there are many cleaning products, with different fragrances, colors and brands, you certainly already know. The choice of cleaning products is environment friendly, safe, and multi-purpose. You must read the labels so that the chosen product adapts to the lifestyle. The most important cleaning products on the shopping lists are the ones with the most versatility. With the expert’s suggestions in hand, you do not have to worry about purchasing other materials, unless something very specific needs to be cleaned.

You can perform daily cleaning on your own. However, you do not achieve a satisfactory result. You do not have that much energy, helping hands, or time, do you? If you have a large condominium, or an apartment, a bungalow, cleaning the entire property on your own would be a devastating job. In this case, hiring the best cleaning services bend Oregon will be the ideal choice.


Alcohol is nothing more than a disinfectant. It is not just for cleaning places with bacteria, but also for cleaning glass, metal and mirrors.


Detergent is a neutral-based product, which helps with less deep cleaning. You must use it with a sponge and always removed with water.


The degreaser is a product that breaks down fat molecules and therefore makes cleaning stoves and sinks much easier. You can use it directly on the surface and then rinsed with water.

Bar soap or coconut soap

Bar soap is a detergent and degreasing product and you should always use it with water to make the foam and then rinse. Do not mix the soap with other cleaning materials, so that its effectiveness is not impaired.


The fabric softener is a product that adheres to the fabric fibers, leaving it softer and fragrant. It should be used in the washing machine. The softener can also be used to clean glass and ceramic floors, in addition to giving extra shine to tiles.

Bleach water

Bleach is a very effective bleach and disinfectant used to clean houses. It must be diluted in water, according to the instructions on the package, and left to soak in dirty places. Never use bleach on colored clothes, as they can stain easily.


All-purpose products are low-alkaline products that act on oils and fats. They must be used with washcloths, those that are rinsed and reused, directly on the surfaces to be cleaned.


Widely used to leave the environment with a pleasant odor, the disinfectant also has the ability to sterilize surfaces, and can destroy microorganisms in the facilities. The guideline is to clean the entire area before applying the product, leaving it to act for 10 minutes.

Window wiper

Window cleaners are products capable of removing specific stains and dirt, promoting shine in different types of glass. It must be applied to the surface with a specific squeegee. The foam formed must be rubbed and removed so that it does not stain the surface.