5 Essential Tips for Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can wreck your home. It will damage your items and cause structural problems. It will also cause smoke and soot damage, leaving your home in bad condition. You should be careful about how you approach restoration after fire damage to ensure safety and minimize damage. Keep reading to learn the five essential fire damage restoration tips.

Ensure Safety and Inform Your Insurer About the Fire

When there is a fire outbreak in your home, you and other individuals living in the house should leave the house immediately. You should also evacuate your pets. Ensure no individual or pet is trapped in the house. After the fire is controlled or put out, you should not get back into the house until it is safe to do so. Most importantly, notify your insurance provider about the house fire and call a reliable fire damage Western Wayne County restoration company to help you.

Ventilate the House

Once you are granted access, you should ventilate the house. You should open all windows, skylights, doors, and other openings that will let in clean air and allow smoke to move out. If there are items still burning like pillows, clothes, and plastics, pour cold water on them to put out the fire. That will reduce smoke in the house.

Protect Undamaged Items and Throw Out Damaged/Contaminated Items

After ventilating the house, you should check your items. If there are unaffected items, you should protect them from damage by covering them or moving them out of the house during clean-up. In addition, you should throw damaged and contaminated items out of the house to make work easier for the fire damage Western Wayne County restoration team. But if you can’t handle that work, the restoration team will do it for you.

Keep off Electrical Outlets

Even if you see that the electrical sockets are unaffected, you should not attempt to plug in or unplug your electrical devices. The fire might have damaged electrical wiring and you might end up creating a more serious problem when you disturb electric outlets. Let electricians first inspect the electrical system before you use it. And unless you are advised to use the sockets, don’t attempt o use them for your safety.

Let Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Help You

You won’t be able to restore your home after fire damage on your own. You will need a fire damage restoration company. The fire damage Western Wayne County restoration team will arrive within the shortest time possible after your call. They will start by cleaning up the house and getting rid of all the debris and damaged items.

After cleanup, the team will inspect your home for minor and major damages. They will then restore your home to its original state. They have a trained team that will reconstruct your home, which might include replacing flooring, replacing cabinets and countertops, and replacing the electrical and plumbing systems. They will also repair damaged structures, clean up the ceiling and walls, and repaint the home.