What You Need To Know About Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips

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Curtains lend charm, vibrancy, and a certain peace to the indoor ambiance. They come in various shades, fabrics, and textures and are a popular form of window dressing. They offer privacy and protection from sunlight and often become forgotten elements that are neglected by many of us. They too require their due care and maintenance not just for appearance’s sake but also to promote a clean and hygienic home environment. So periodic cleaning by curtain cleaning Canberra servicemen is needed to preserve their longevity and bright look.

Remember curtains beautify and enhance the personality of our homes and offices but are you aware that they are overused and are in constant exposure to surrounding pollutants that settle in and start damaging their fabric? If you have careless members at home, hyperactive kids, and pets, your curtains would be more prone to getting soiled and dirty. Curtain cleaners Canberra experts are a wonderful option but you can also on your own care for your curtains by knowing a few cleaning tips. Here are a few helpful pointers for cleaning and care of curtains that can keep them looking good for a long time.

Shake them: We often plump our cushions but now get into the habit of gently shaking our curtains at day’s end. Simply dust away the settled debris and pollutants by holding your curtain with both hands near the seams and fluffing up towards the top direction. This will dislodge dust and curtains will be fresh as if back from a Professional curtain cleaning Canberra servicing.

Frequent Vacuuming: If you want your curtains to remain looking in top condition practice weekly vacuuming by keeping the setting low. This would loosen dirt and dust from the front and back of surfaces. Use soft brush attachment for heavy fabrics to avoid any damage. Experts of curtain cleaning Canberra suggest vacuuming done routinely is an excellent way to extend the lifespan of your curtains like other upholstery.

Stain cleaning: Curtains get caught up in accidents with sudden spills or soiling by human mishandling or mishaps. They get spotted or stained. This may be corrected using any gentle liquid soap or detergent with water. Once done dab a clean white cloth with this and blot out the stained places with a gentle hand. Do not scratch or scrub as it would affect the fabric. After the spot is gone, dry well, away from direct sunlight.

Hand wash: Read the label and if it says machine wash is not suitable go for hand washing. Fill your sink or tub with normal water or lukewarm water and add a mild detergent. Soak the curtains and agitate with a gentle hand. Rinse them well with cold water till no detergent residue remains, Press excess water mildly and then hang them on a clothesline to properly dry them.

Machine wash: If the label allows machine wash, remove curtain rings or hooks and place the curtains in a net laundry bag. Use a gentle spin with cold water. Use a mild detergent to preserve the fabric. To avoid wrinkles once washed hang them immediately.

Steam clean: Steam Curtain cleaners Canberra specialists should be ideally hired if your curtains are very dirty and you are not able to wash them. But those brave enough to try it at home; you can buy or hire a handheld steam cleaner. Using the fabric attachment, hold the steamer an inch or two away. This is to avoid exposing curtains to too much heat. This method removes dirt, bacteria, allergens, and unwanted odors very well.

Air drying: Once cleaned the best way to refresh your curtains is to air dy them. Sunlight can help remove a fair bit of mild stains and eradicate smells. So simply on a sunny day hang the curtains and let natural air dry them till early evening. Do not leave them after sundown as dew or moisture can set in. This however is not advisable for very delicate fabrics.

A valuable tip from Professional curtain cleaning Canberra experts is to maintain the rings and hooks well. If these are removable, then remove them and separately clean them while your curtains are being cleaned. The rings and hooks may be rinsed after washing in warm water with soapy detergent. Rings and hooks like curtains gather dust and many times if neglected start affecting your curtains. The above tips would have been useful and made you confident about how to clean your curtains which should be a priority.