HVAC duct cleaning and maintenance is important, as per law


Air conditioning units, without a doubt, provide us with moments of extreme comfort and relaxation. However, for this comfort to remain always present and in a healthy way, we must take preventive measures to maintain the proper functioning of the devices, such as cleaning the ducts. Did you know that a poorly cleaned or even dirty air duct can cause several serious diseases and, in some cases, even fatal? It is for this reason that the cleaning of air conditioning ducts is so important, in addition to being mandatory by law, and must be carried out at least once a year by a specialized Duct Cleaning Queens company.

What are the benefits?

Most people mistakenly believe that just putting filters in the engine rooms is already carrying out a complete cleaning. This is not true, as the placement of filters actually promotes the confinement of fungi and bacteria internally, within the ducts. This bad practice ends up protecting fungi and bacteria, allowing their development and, consequently, harming the air and people’s health. To avoid these inconveniences, specialized companies must be called to carry out the correct cleaning. These companies can adopt several specific duct-cleaning practices. The advantages are –

  • Better quality of life for occupants of air-conditioned environments
  • Increase in the productivity of occupants of acclimatized environments
  • Reduction in the absence from work of occupants of climate-controlled environments 
  • Reduction in energy consumption and equipment maintenance costs
  • Prevention of sick building syndrome
  • Indoor air quality control
  • Optimization of the useful life of air conditioning equipment
  • Maintenance of indoor air quality at the levels required by the legislation of the ministry of health

 Why a professional company

They do not allow the infiltration of dust and residues during the cleaning process. Clean sections of the same duct line always sequentially and according to the direction of the airflow. Use of a system of rotating brushes, each of which is specific for removing the type of dirt found. They use of a high power industrial vacuum system to collect and store the dirt. They ensure cleaning of other components of the air conditioning system. Later, they submit the collected material for analysis, as well as delivery of a toxicity report.

It is a serious concern

Concern about indoor air quality is frequent. However, many forget the extensive care needed to make this happen. Why clean the air conditioning ducts? Mites, fungi and dust accumulate inside the ducts. Therefore, inspection and cleaning work should be done routinely. With the equipment’s ventilation system, these particles end up going into the environment, causing allergic complications in people.

The assessment, in most buildings, needs to be done at least once a year. However, the frequency may vary and the analysis of a professional technician is important. The proper duct cleaning is done with the introduction of a rotating brush in the duct that releases the contaminating elements and that go to the suction with specific filtration that retains the fine particles. It is essential to have a technician responsible for this service.