Wood retaining wall design

Wood retaining wall designWood retaining wall design can really enhance the appearance of some houses and property. In this article we will discuss the different options for retaining wall of wood and stone, well-built property, which can last for decades, and improve drainage while useful in the lowlands.

Wood retaining wall design ideasFrom the basics, retaining walls are walls built of wood, concrete or stone to prevent soil, dirt, otherwise in or through a defined area. A wall is a popular wood-based and can be the perfect choice for small needs. The wall acts as a support for a timber, when the wall is less than three meters in height is required. In light of the forest to build a retaining wall, you see that tree that treated wood is at least as three building materials, concrete and stone. Concrete walls are durable, built to power, and works best with an accent wall in the yard and garden. Concrete Wood retaining wall design can be built up to about 30 inches in height so that it is one of the remaining wall-resistant materials. Stone walls of the building stone sans mortar or other adhesive to maintain the wall. Stone, who has more advantages over other retaining wall wall materials are unlimited height (although eight feet long is recommended) and if it is properly constructed guarantees to last forever.

Wood retaining wall design decorThere are four retaining walls, gravity, bridge, sheet piling and anchored to the walls. Gravity walls depend on the weight of the walls of the building material (s) (such as wood, concrete, stone or other material) to resist the weight back and to improve the stability against the forces of the country. What is the height, gravity walls are usually no longer than four feet and constructed of concrete or stone. The Bridge walls made of masonry or concrete, but requires more planning and careful construction. A sheet pile walls, use of materials made of wood, vinyl, or steel, is a support generally smooth walls in the ground and in confined spaces. Sheet pile retaining walls made of vinyl, the steel or Wood retaining wall design planks better spent in areas with soft dirty grounds, and / or confined areas. Anchored walls can be used to gravity, bridge or sheet piling walls, except that the cables or other objects that can be anchored in bedrock or soil.

Some other techniques can be used to maintain the retaining walls of soil nailing, soil strength, gabion mesh and mechanical stability. Soil nailing can be used for gravity walls, sheet piling of the bridge, or to strengthen the slender elements than products of rebar. Of soil strength (but it can sometimes be used as an element) is used to lower the pressure in the elements for use in March against the wall itself. Gabion Mesh (a form of soil strength) is a mesh box, which reduces the erosive forces of the earth. Mechanical stabilization of (MSE) is a type of soil with artificial strengthening of Mats (which is horizontal in nature), from resistance to the gravity wall structures can provide.