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What to Look for In a Good Landscaping Company

Keeping your yard landscaped and looking great is referred to as “curb appealing”. It is especially important if you are planning to sell your home. But if not, you still want to give that yard that great look.

Things to add

If you have just moved in you might need to add decks, retaining walls, stone patios and walkways. There is one company in Norwalk that can do all of this for you and your property.  Landscaping Norwalk is important especially this time of the year.

Modifies visible features

For those of you that are not quite sure what landscaping means. This refers to work that changes any of the topographies of an area of land, such as:

  • Elements living like fauna or flora – gardening;
  • Craft as well as art of growing plants and developing a beautiful situation within the landscape;
  • Natural elements like terrain shape, landforms, and elevation or bodies of water such as ponds;
  • Human elements like:





  • Abstract elements like the weather and lighting conditions.

Landscaping is a subject that a company needs to have an expertise in artistic design together with horticulture.


The motto for Norwalk Seasonal services is that they are committed to excellent services with a goal of provide each customer 100% with every lawn service they provide. They set the standard for what true customer service is.

Starting a new yard

They will seed any new yard with grass that will give your yard a vigorous, healthy look. They will also always do the following:

  • Rake up any sticks, debris and leaves in the yard. Extra debris will kill sprouting grass;
  • Add topsoil as topsoil will fill in low spots and prep for new seeding;
  • Seed your yard – Spreading new seeds around thinning and bare spots in the yard.
  • Spread fertilizer – Use a natural as well as slow-release fertilizer to help seeds grow. Some fertilizers will also kill broad leaf weeds such as sow thistle and dandelions.

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