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What are the amenities a gated community should have?

Food, Shelter, and Clothing are ideally considered to three basics of living. While the real estate business continues to bloom like a flower, gated communities are being built on an extensive scale and are an important subset of the real estate industry. In today’s scenario, people seldom own a bungalow, most of them either own a flat or live in rented accommodation.

Talking about flats and gated communities, there is plenty of lot of factors that one has to look upon before choosing the right place to live in. There are many different companies and categories like the Provident Plots which provide a very large bag to choose from.

The basic specifications of a gated community should have are listed below.

  1. Proper Security: The reason why people choose gated communities is security. So the gated community must have a proper security system where the security personals are strict and serious about their work but at the same time are friendly and cooperative.
  2. Gym: Fitness is what everyone in today’s world strives for. A gated community should have a gym on its premises so that the people have the convenience of getting fir in the house premises itself and would not have to rush to places finding a gym.
  3. Park and Club: Park and Club are the most basic thing a gated community should have to serve the recreational purpose of people. The parks and clubs should have a separate space for the senior citizens where they can very well relax and feel homely.
  4. Electricity backup – Electricity backup is the most common thing that every society and building offers. Electricity is the key to complete a major part of our daily chores. Frequent power cuts are something that is not appreciated.
  5. Waste Disposal System: Waste Disposal system and door to door waste collection is another major amenity that a gated community should have. No one today has the patience to go to a place and throw their waste, so the waste disposal system is very important.
  6. In Colony Shops: A gated community should have a few very basic shops such as that of a grocery shop. This adds to the convenience of people as they do not have to travel a lot to buy the prettiest of things.

The above were some of the very basic amenities that a gated community like Provident Woodfield should offer. So now whenever you think to buy or rent a flat, you know which points you need to look after.

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