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The Right Treatment for the Air Conditioner

Phew, how hot. Do you know this feeling when there is such heat in the apartment that the only reasonable solution is to spend the whole day in the bathroom, preferably in a tub full of cool water? And it can be simpler, more efficiently and inexpensively. Professional, efficient home air conditioning is a real salvation during hot summer days.

A reasonable choice of air conditioner

The purchase of an air conditioner is an expense. But is it as big as you think? It all depends on your needs and the area of ​​the premises. It is a big mistake to buy the device “by eye”, without consulting the monter or customer service, but such a real service, not a seller, who only can sing the price of the product. For the aircon chemical wash this is the best deal now.

A reasonable choice of the device, and thus the selection of power for the actual needs of the user, is the first step towards savings. Instead of an overly strong and expensive model, it is worth considering the purchase of an economical device for home use, eg an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW, it is enough to cool the surface of 35-40 m2 (power consumption max. 1 kW)

The cost of an average air conditioner for an apartment is in the range of PLN 1500-3000 net, depending on the model and brand. The wider the room, the greater the power of the air conditioner should be, that is why it is worth consulting the choice. Professional equipment with the power to cool large halls or several rooms at the same time is an expense of over PLN 4,000.

The producer’s brand has a big influence on the price. There is no reason to hide that some models are more expensive, others cheaper; some more durable, others less. In our offer we have devices from such companies.

What is cheap, it is expensive

In supermarkets, you can meet various types of cheap air conditioners, which start at around PLN 1000. Is this a good choice? You have to be aware that such devices are characterized by low power, e.g. 2000 W, which will be suitable only for small rooms, but to cool the entire apartment will be completely useless.

Very cheap air conditioners can quickly break, and their repair and maintenance can be disproportionately expensive compared to the price of the device itself. We encourage you to look around for medium-sized models whose cost correlates well with quality.

A budget version of the air conditioner is an air conditioner, i.e. a small cooling device that operates on a mechanical (no refrigerant) principle. Such devices are available in small amounts of about PLN 500 , but their possibilities are limited, so it is better to invest in a good quality air conditioner.

Remember the service cost

The price of the device itself is not everything, because the air conditioner needs to be installed, and from time to time it should be cleaned and periodically maintained. Good brands have their own services, while the maintenance of Chinese devices may be a problem – the availability of spare parts and service is an important aspect that you need to remember when planning the purchase of an air conditioner.`

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