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The Best Wifi Garden Water Hose Timers

Wifi smart timers that are hooked up to garden hoses are becoming a more and more popular thing to be found in normal households across America. They are proving to help save homeowners time and money when it comes to their gardening endeavors, and it is proving to be better for the environment as well.

All you have to do is hook the WiFi water timer up to your faucet that is already there, then download the app that goes with it onto your smartphone. Once the app is downloaded, your phone automatically syncs up to the water timer and you can then control the faucet from anywhere.

Once synced up, you can control your water flow to your garden from anywhere in the world! Below are some of the best WiFi water faucet timers on the market right now, and why we love them.

  1. Zilker Water Hose Faucet Timer


The Zilker WiFi hose timer is one of the most popular choices out there right now. People love it because not only can they control it from anywhere, but it also syncs up with the weather data in your area so that it can more efficiently water your garden. for example, if it is raining in your area and the soil is already moist, then it will either water your garden less or not at all so it does not get overwatered.

Every system controls one zone of your garden, and it comes with a water flow meter so you know how much water you are using and can adjust it easily so none is wasted.

The Zilker Water Hose Faucet has a long range so you can control it from your smartphone from nearly anywhere you go, and it is small at only 1 pound and incredibly easy to install onto your existing faucet.

  1. Melnor RainCloud Internet Controlled Smart Water Irrigator


This smart water hose timer is another favorite among consumers as it is extremely versatile and can be connected to Android, Apple, and any other smart device. It can also link up to Amazon and Alexa so you can go a step further and control it with just your voice!

The Raincloud watering system is more flexible and powerful than most of the other watering systems and can reach as far as you do. People also love it because it can control four different zones in your garden at one time and they can be on the same or independent watering schedules all from the touch of a button on your phone. Whether you have a standard garden hose or above ground water sprinkler systems, the tier will easily hook up to them and keep your garden looking lush, beautiful, and healthy with little to no work to you.

This is the best wifi water system for your garden if you have multiple garden zones and want the choice of automatic, manual, or spur of the moment watering on your own.

  1. Orbit B-Hyve 21004 Smart Hose Timer with Wi-Fi Hub


The Orbit is very similar to the Rainrobot as it can attach to a regular spigot and uses wifi so your phone can control watering from anywhere. It is compatible with most smartphones and other smart devices including Apple, Android, Amazon, and Alexa meaning you can control it by voice.

The B-Hyve gives you full control and also gathers weather data from your local area and can sense things like how much sun or shade you have in your garden, how much rainfall is happening, and other natural weather events so that it can automatically adjust your watering needs accordingly. It will help you track your water usage so as to keep you from wasting water and saves you money. This watering system is also EPA approved and certified!

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