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The best of Cleaning Process: The Right Deals

No need to do it all at once, you might discourage yourself and not finish. To find inspiration before the aspiration phase, here are some tips for taking action and feeling better at home.

Go for an efficient and eco-friendly household

The big spring cleaning is there, yes. Chemicals on all floors, no. We can be satisfied with the stuff of grandmother who are often enough, lemon juice, white vinegar and bicarbonate in mind. For the cleaning services in Singapore this is essential.

Making your basic detergent is easy and costs almost nothing: in an empty bottle, pour two tablespoons of baking soda, one liter of hot water and mix; then a spoonful of white vinegar of alcohol and the essential oil of your choice. Stir, it’s ready! This all-purpose detergent can even be used as a spray (by filling a window-type sprayer, for example) for everyday practical use.

We also forget that a microfiber cloth can do a big part of the job without detergent. A rag of this type is 1,300 km of microfiber ten times thinner than a hair. When dry, it uses electrostatic force to catch dirt and retain it by capillary action. Wet, she handles most household chores: dishes, surfaces, soil. And it is washable to infinity, provided you do not use softener.

Make the windows all the way

You have good rub, there are still traces? A tip for clean, bright windows: use only water with the juice of half a lemon. Wear a sponge, chamois or steam cleaner. Make sure your equipment is always clean, otherwise change it. Choose the direction: from bottom to top or from left to right, but always in the same.

And contrary to what one might think, washing the windows by big beautiful is a false good idea: washed in the sun, traces persist. They are caused by the mixture of detergent and dirt. If the liquid is not wiped sufficiently quickly, it dries and leaves these unsightly tasks. We recommend washing the windows during a cloudy or humid weather to avoid them.

Fight the dust mites in the room

During the winter, we did not open the room, making the joy of millions of mites that cause allergies and asthma.

So spring time to return your mattress, wash the quilt and pillows (your laundry at the corner of the street probably has some low “large models”), air a maximum and finally let in the sun.

Do not forget electronic devices

Television, computer, landline, console or boxing internet need a maintenance to resist years. So, if your PC is making more and more noise, it may be a buildup of dust inside the base. On most towers at the base of PCs, the facade is easily removable to update the components but also remove dirt.

Be careful not to use detergents or water. Have a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth or an electrostatic brush.


A list so you do not forget anything

What is the worst enemy of the clean? Routine. Try to think about what you forget all the time. Get on a chair to see nooks and places that may be out of sight.

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