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The Best Interior Paint Colors For 2020

Every year, there is a color trend that looks best in a home interior. Many homeowners wait for such a trend and update the paint of their homes accordingly. This year’s home interior paint color is a combination of the old and the new. If you visit https://callhomestarpainting.com/

You will find the latest paint colors for both home interior and exterior. Listed below are the paint colors that would look best for your home interior this 2020.

  • Dark tone

This year, the dark tone is the new neutral. When talking about neutral tones, the colors that come to mind are beige, gray, and while. This year, dark colors fall in the neutral tone category too. Yes, that includes black, navy blue, and sage green.

  • Beige will be back again

For many years, beige is considered outdated, but this year, it will make a grand comeback. It makes a perfect color in the dining room, especially if you are heading towards a classic, sophisticated, and neutral chic atmosphere.

  • Bold colors

Modern homes are not hesitant to try on bold colors. Some paint the entire home interior while others choose bold colors for accent paint. This includes bright red, golden yellow and dark red.

  • Champagne


Some people think that champagne is boring, when, in fact, it makes a good color for interior details. It is a perfect alternative to cool greys as it makes the room feel warmer. Not to mention, it adds an earthy feel and creates a calm environment. An architectural tip; put metallic accessories like gold and silver when you are aiming for a champagne-colored interior.

  • Mango color

This color screams energy and fun. If you have an outgoing and lively personality, then you would surely love this color for your home interior. It can be used as an accent color in the dining room as well as in the living room. This color brightens any room and would surely lift your mood, especially if you are having a bad day.

Try these colors on – you can combine different colors depending on your style and design preference.

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