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Smartest Choices for the Perfect Renovation Option

Your main goal as an interior designer is to have professional and personal recognition. You enjoy having statuses and want to start projects in your own office. To do this, you need to attract and be predictable customers so you can increase your billing and have financial stability. With proper room bto renovation the deals come perfect there.

How to do this? This is what we will present in this post. From now on you will know the steps you must take to achieve success in your profession. For this, we will deal with the following subjects:

  • what are the main design trends
  • how to publicize their projects and make them stand out
  • how to develop efficient contracts
  • how much to charge for an interior design project
  • how to invest in a competitive differential

With this information you will be able to apply efforts in your career and have more independence. This is what you want? So follow the tips below and enjoy to put them all into practice!

Know the main trends of interior design

The first step to success is to know industry trends. The directions for the world of decoration in 2017 have already been launched and you need to be on the lookout for more beautiful and modern designs for your customers.

With the satisfaction of your clients, you begin to have recognition and is indicated for other projects. Here are the assumptions for fashion in decoration in 2017:

Bronze and satin sheen

Brass pieces and satin finishes have been gaining ground in recent years and are a strong trend for 2017. They are responsible for making the environments brighter and more elegant.

Voice Activated Assistants

The technology has come to the interior decoration industry. Voice-activated wizards can power smart home appliances with simple phrases, as they already do on Android mobile devices when you say “Ok, Google.”

The assistants are in a state of numbness. It is enough for the client to speak the activation phrase to trigger it. With this you can get information about the weather, put some music to play, fill the bathtub with hot water and even turn on the lights, for example.

Old furniture

The retro and vintage trends came back a few years ago and are gaining strength in 2017. The idea is to create alternative options and seek exclusivity.

To enhance the look of the antique furniture, re-make them and make sure they look beautiful to create a special and unique ambience.

Kitchen cabinets

The idea of ​​putting up top cabinets is falling into disuse. To get more space indoors, the tip now is to put all the kitchen cabinets in a unique functional wall. That way you can provide a lighter look for the environment.

White color

White color is in vogue. It brings a clean appearance and a sense of calm and tranquility. These positive aspects should be balanced with other colors so as not to look like a hospital room. The ideal is to blend the white with natural linen and cream tones for an elegant and comfortable environment.

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