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Silverfish Infestation in your Home could mean more Problems

Pests are the most disgusting visitors you can have in your house, and silverfish are no exception. Of all the pests, silverfish are the ugliest. They are odd-looking, silvery, and slimy. They prefer staying in damp, dark, and cold places like bathroom sinks and basement floors.

Silverfish are harmless and do not spread any infections to humans. These pests only infest your house in search of shelter. Usually, you will see them crawling on your cereal boxes, glue, paper, or any other dry goods in your basement. The only way to keep your house free of these pests is by eliminating them.

Rove Pest Control can help you remove all the pests in your house without causing any damage. Silverfish can cause severe damage when allowed to multiply in your home. The pest is known to make holes in your precious clothes and textiles. Therefore, you should not hesitate to remove these disgusting creatures from your house immediately to avoid these losses. This article gives you some natural tips for removing silverfish in your home.

Natural tips to removing silverfish infestation

Silverfish infestation is not a problem in your house until their number increases. You can take the following steps to prevent the silverfish from reproducing in your home.

1. Spray

You can spray some cedar oil in those regions where the silverfish are prone. Ideally, silverfish are scared away by the smell of cedar. When you spray the house with cedar oil, you can be sure to keep them off forever. Dried bay leaves are also a proved insect repellent. You can put the dry bay leaves in locations where the silverfish activity is more, and its smell will scare them away.

2. Keep your basement clean

Silverfish like to stay in cold places. Therefore, ensure you keep your kitchen and basement as clean as possible. Remove all those unused boxes, and piles of newspaper, and mail. These provide a perfect environment for silverfish to stay.

3. Store your laundry dry

Silverfish can stay in any cold place. Your laundry shelters them, especially if kept in the open. Therefore, ensure you keep your off-season clothing somewhere dry or in sealed bins.

4. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning helps you to remove silverfish eggs in your house and prevent any chances of silverfish reproduction. Pick all the food crumbs on the kitchen floor to keep the silverfish away. Store your food in closed containers to avoid being in contact with these pests.

5. Maintain your house

Generally, silverfish can get into your house through any cracks found on your walls. Stop these pests from entering your house by blocking all the potential entry points that they can penetrate through to lay eggs in your house.


Silverfish prevention is the best strategy for keeping your house proofed of these disgusting pests. When you have a silverfish infestation in your home, you can reach out to a professional exterminator to help you remove all the pests. Lastly, you must maintain high standards of hygiene in your house to keep any pests, including silverfish away from your home.

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