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Signs of Rodent Infestation in your Property

Pest infestation in your property can cause damages that cost a lot of money to repair. For instance, rodents can chew the wiring in your attic and cause a fire outbreak in the house. If you want to combat pest infestation in your property, you must beware of the significant signs of infestation.

Note that seeking assistance from a local pest control company can help you exterminate all the pest from your property hassle-free. Before reaching out to professional help, you can go through the signs of rodent infestation given below.

Five key signs of rodent infestation

1. Presence of rodent droppings

Rodents such as rats and mice leave noticeable droppings behind. You can look out for such droppings behind the kitchen cabinets, under the bed, holes in the wall, and other places in the house where their activity is frequent.

2. Small openings

Another way of checking if your property is infested with rodents is looking out for the presence of small openings in the walls, roof, and ridges. Rats and mice can leave your compost heap and find their way into the house through small openings. Even a tiny hole the size of a pen is enough for a rat to find its way. To prevent rodents and other bugs from entering through these openings, you can fill them up with steel.

3. Damaged structures

Rodents will feed on anything to keep their teeth sharp. Climb up the attic and look out for the presence of damaged wires. Check on all wooden structures and food packages for any damages. If you notice broken wires and sign of rat feeding on the wooden kitchen cabinets, then it is time to raise the alarm for pest extermination.

4. Established nests

Rodents can use any paper or cloth they find in your property to develop their nests. Look for the presence of rodent nests in the attic. Check for holes in the walls and behind every electric appliance for signs of rodents building nests.

5. Odd smell and sound

Rodents make a hissing sound in their nests. If you hear an unusual noise coming out inside the walls, or up in the attic, it is the rodents enjoying their stay in your property. Rodents’ urine and droppings smell like ammonia. This odd smell in the house is an indication that your property is infested with rodents.


Rodent infestations in your property can reduce its value in the shortest time if not handled appropriately. When you notice any of the above signs of rodent infestation in your property, it is essential to reach out to your local pest exterminator.

Rodents establish their nests in your property and reproduce there, making it difficult to remove all of them with homemade remedies. Early identification and diagnosis of rodent infestation is key to getting rid of the pests on time and keeping your property a pest-free zone. Check out for these five signs of rodent infestation in your property to exterminate the pests immediately.

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