Modern design coffee house

Modern design coffee houseThroughout the history of Modern design coffee house have been more than places where innocent people like you and I could get a regular caffeine fix.

Although coffee itself apparently originated in Ethiopia before 11 century, is the first coffee house known in history was located in Constantinople in 1475. I know that coffee is an important part of my life, but in those days his wife can separate the man if he could not keep him properly with coffee! Turkey, a coffee pot ibrik normal, long-handled pot originally designed for coffee when the desert sand.

Modern design coffee house ideasIn early 1500 cafe was founded in Vienna, Austria, the only person in town who had both been living in Turkey, which recognized the inherent value and potential income lurking in various bags of coffee in the rejection of the Turkish invaders. It seems from this time tend to soften the coffee, add sugar and cream came to practice. The value specified when Modern design coffee house began serving pastries and coffee. Although some pious individuals considered coffee drinking is the devil, the Pope, who was asked to describe a drink in this way was drinking coffee, and on the other hand, he blessed, and call it a Christian beverage.

While coffee houses spread through Europe, England actually had to act through a Turkish link rather than import new custom from the mainland.

It was in 1652 that the story of the first coffee shop, which was founded in England, two servants of the importing country Turkish goods. They left their employer and started marketing the new brew at their establishment, Turk’s head. Modern design coffee house in this period was called “Penny Universities” because a penny is charged for admission to the camaraderie and exchange of ideas, which are included in the price.

Indeed, cafes era of media today. Free public information was really frightening to those in power. Therefore, coffee shops closed for a while in England in 1675. Public rabies was so great, but it took a few days.

A figure of note, Samuel Pepys, the famous diary writer of his time, and declared “the right of the fleet,” said that he often frequented cafes in war news, as there seemed to be timely and reliable information about him than the Admiralty. A well-known coffee shop the day will probably give him a lot of news from ships and the sea.

Modern design coffee house decoratingEdward Lloyd coffee shop, which opened in 1688 (or 1687, according to some sources) near the River Thames, Tower Street, lost its roots, but was one of the most famous institutions in the world – Lloyds of London. This was perhaps a natural metamorphosis due to the number of maritime vessels the men in the London docks, which found their way into Lloyds. Edward Lloyd, is a resourceful person, because we are all addicted to coffee, began in 1696 the practical recording of incoming and outgoing vessels in addition to the information received from ships arriving from information about the conditions of ship and crew, and the conditions at sea. Finally, as many shipping information to be exchanged almost round the clock facility, insurance brokers, who began to make some of them out there.