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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Bedbugs aren’t just scary; they are also unnerving. These blood-sucking creatures have a way of attacking you when you are at your most vulnerable state – asleep. As if that’s not enough, they leave you itching and scratching throughout the day.

Unlike other insects, bedbugs neither transmit nor cause any disease. However, they can cause mental problems. Some victims of bedbug infestation report overthinking about the insects, so much so that they end up losing sleep or wasting a lot of time trying to work out their crises. If these confessions are anything to go by, it’s in your best interest to partner with Boise pest control experts to get rid of bedbugs before they become problematic.

But still, you can try out these natural bed bug control measures.

Diatomaceous earth

This powder contains fossilized diatoms, which are one of the components of the algae group. They have a hard skeleton – when the powder contacts the insects, the sharp edges will cut the insects’ bodies and cause their death through dehydration in two weeks’ time after the application. The particles are small such that they can cause any harm to people or pets.

Diatomaceous earth is less effective when wet, hence it works best in dry places. Being made for killing the bug, it can kill Japanese beetles, flies, cutworms, ticks, and more. Unluckily, it can kill beneficial insects, so be careful when using it.


This one of the effective home remedies to scare away bedbugs as well as other crawling insects. Lemongrass compounds will only keep bugs at bay but also killing them since they increase the acidic condition inside them. Spray the lemongrass on the affected until the problem is no more.

Bedbug traps

Since bed bugs bites are common, they can even operate in broad daylight. These small insects cannot shy away from coming to bite you. While getting prepared to get some sweet sleep, these little nocturnal nuisances are there preparing for their nighttime meal – feasting on your thighs and cheeks. Well, whatever the case, their several traps out there that will prevent these stubborn pesky tiny insects from feasting on you. Interception devices can be placed under your legs to keep the bedbugs from climbing up on your mattress.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another sure natural solution that you can keep the bedbugs at bay. Similar to diatomaceous earth; baking soda will suck the moisture out of the bugs killing them due to dehydration. You should spray a layer of baking soda on the beds, walls, and any other infected areas. Leave it there for a week after which you will suck the baking soda and those nasty insects with a vacuum cleaner.

Inevitably, when it comes to getting rid of a bedbug infestation, you don’t have to run into these commercial pesticides to get your job done. There are many cheap ways to kill bedbugs naturally that won’t put you and your family at risk. Still, you can remove the insects with the help of a pest control professional.

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