A Dungeon themed room

A Dungeon themed roomA Dungeon themed room

Normally I wouldn’t be the first person to be talking about dungeon themed rooms but I was watching a special Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans was talking in his dungeon themed room and I was in awe and maybe a little scared about it.

A dungeon themed room may not appeal to most people but to some Goth people out there or fans of “Dungeons and Dragons” you may want to create a perfect room for yourself or for your teenager.

This is my opinion of what a dungeon themed room would look like.

A Dungeon themed room

Paint and Flooring

I really do think that a dungeon themed bedroom would be of grey, red or black and sometimes purple.  A dungeon is really a dark themed room but it can also be very fitting to teenage years.  You either want the walls to be red but it may be too flashy then you could opt for a black colored wall and then for red carpet or grey wall paint; you may not want a neutral grey but you may want more a blend of black and grey for the wall.

You may also want wood for the flooring but if you want to fit for the room go for a dark brown wood.

Furniture and Decorations A Dungeon themed room

If you want to furnish your dungeon themed room, you may opt for black furniture to add to intensity of the room but you can add some splash of red.  For example, you can look for a bed of black color and then add satin-like sheets and pillow in either blood red or simple red.  You can opt for a black desk to fit right in the room and as a crazy idea you can add a skull to make it more dramatic.

Since the room is already going to be an intense shade, you can ask your teenager to accessorize it himself but if it is your own room, you may want to add chains to the walls and paintings or posters that you love.

You can even add candles because you really want to create the environment you want but also you add curtains or drapes to the room.  Mostly you want be dramatic or scary your choice.

You may want to add a chandelier to your room but you want it to be dimmed or made to be brighter.

A Dungeon themed room

In all, a dungeon room is for your pleasure and your taste; it is up to you to make it as scary or dramatic as you want.