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Do storage companies allow other usage for self storage?

One of the most common questions that seem to arise when it comes to self-storage is “What else can I use my unit for?” the answer to this question is, well, more than you think.

While back when the modern self-storage unit was created, it was used for fishing equipment, today, these units are used for far more than just storing items. We are going to look at a few things a self-storage company will let you use your unit for.

Art Studio

For a lot of people, we aren’t blessed with space at home, and when this is the case, we often have to turn to a studio for a space solution.

Many artists are doing this as they don’t realise that they could create their own studio in a storage unit. When it comes to self-storage usage, this is slowly becoming increasingly more popular, and it is also a fabulous way for an artist to keep their work under wraps.

Many artists like to work in privacy, and when they get this opportunity, they often produce their best work. While like everything on the list today, you would have to check your contract with the self-storage company, setting up a self-storage art studio can really be a great use for your unit.

Personal Gym

Possibly the most popular option on our list today and one that has really taken off over the last few years is the fitting of a personal gym in your storage unit.

Nowadays, fitness and health are incredibly important; wherever you look, something is encouraging you to get fit and work out. The trouble with this is, a yearly gym membership can be expensive, and in some parts of the country, if a husband and wife hit the gym together, this can cost almost £3k per month.

As you can imagine, renting a self-storage unit and kitting it out with gym equipment can be a lot cheaper than this, and even if the initial outlay is high, you will soon see the return from the moment you cancel that costly gym membership.

A Wardrobe

For some people, they have too many clothes to store at home. When it comes to self-storage usage, this can be great for both men and women.

People’s wardrobes will often tend to make switches from summer to winter clothes, and often you can end up with piles of clothes that will go unworn for six months, just sitting on chairs.

A self-storage unit can often be an incredible solution for clothes storage, and it will free up a lot of space at home.

There are so many things you can do with a self-storage unit, but you should always be mindful of the self-storage company and their allowances, so it’s best to check with them first. So if you are after a private space, get online, start looking for storage near me and open up your imagination to what you could do with a self-storage unit.

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