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Are No Locks Available? Here Are Other Ways To Keep You Safe Without A Lock

No matter how, why, where, and when it could happen, you should never overlook the possibility of being in a situation where you are not entirely safe.

Let’s say you end up in a cabin in the middle of the woods and you are forced to spend the night. You get access in the cabin easily because there is no lock on the door. While it can be thrilling, and quite an adventure especially if you are with someone, it becomes a different story when you’re alone.

Now the point of this article isn’t to scare you or prevent you from ever going too far out in the woods. A case like this can easily happen right in the heart of the city, so the best option is for you to prepare. It can even happen in your home in case you break your locks and have no means to contact a locksmith.

Nonetheless, preparing for an event such as this makes you prepared for an invasion or a burglary. So, if you want to learn other ways to keep you, your property, and your family safe, there are other ways to lock a door without using a lock system.

  1. Use A Portable Lock

If you’re at a residential area and happen to experience a broken door lock, one of the easiest ways to solve it is to use a portable lock. A portable lock is often used by travelers to keep their luggage safe. People with lockers or safes also use a similar device.

Depending on the type of portable lock as well as the handles of the door, you can latch the portable lock to keep it closed and secured. Although it isn’t the ideal security measure especially for external doors, it is a good enough solution.

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  1. Disassemble The Door Handle

You may not be aware of this, but the physical presence of a lock is not the only way to keep a door closed and secured. What makes a lock work and serve its purpose is the mechanism behind it. Most lock systems will restrict access without the actual lock. If you need to keep the doors shut, disassembling the door handle while it’s locked will prevent any possible break-ins.

  1. Create A Barricade

If you don’t have any other means to disassemble your door’s handle or you don’t have access to a portable lock, creating a barricade will help keep you safe inside an unlocked door. Generally, you should place your barricade against the direction that a door opens. Use heavy items such as steel or wood cabinets, a heavy sofa, a table, and other large furniture to keep the door shut and prevent intruders to bust it open.

  1. Jam The Doors Closed

If you don’t have large or heavy items with you to create a barricade, you can use door jammers or door wedges instead. These devices will restrict the mobility of the door so that it won’t open as easily. If you don’t have a door handle set to work with, door jammers or wedges is a good solution.

  1. Anchor The Door Handle Or Knob

Lastly, to keep a door shut without a lock system, you can anchor the doorknob or door handle somewhere strong inside. Find long, sturdy items such as ropes, belts, or extension cords, and wrap it around the knob or the handle. Then, find a solid anchor point to tie the other part around.

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Final Word

While these tips are improvisations, they work as perfect solutions during an emergency.

Still, it is always best to prepare and ensure that your locks are working properly. You can visit https://locksmithsydney.com.au/car-key-replacement/ to inquire about proper lock maintenance or lock repairs for your home or you can do your own research.

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