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7 Tips ForLabeling Your Boxes When Moving To A New Home

Any northern Virginia moving company can attest to the crucial role labels play. This is an essential aspect of organizing, and it makes moving much more effective, efficient, and convenient. You’ll be able to immediately identify which is which, or which among your belongings are fragile and require extra care when being handled. It will also prevent boxes from getting lost during the moving process.

But, how do you really properly label your moving boxes? Here are seven tips how.

Identify and categorize your belongings. The fundamental process in moving to a new home is pinpointing which belongings will go to your new space and which ones will be thrown out or donated. No matter what categories they belong in, it will be much more efficient and organized if you put them in boxes and durable storages. After identifying the ones that will be included in your move, you also have to segregate them according to their use or type (are they stuff in your kitchen or in your study room?).

Create an inventory of your belongings. You won’t be able to memorize what’s included in your every moving box. The trick? Come up with a master list that enumerates the belongings you’re taking with you and in which box were they contained in.

Prepare your storage and labeling materials. From sturdy boxes to quality marks and tapes, you have to secure the tools and materials you will be using during your big move. Some northern Virginia moving companies offer such materials in their packages, so make sure to ask them about it.

Use a color-coding or a number-coding system. Designate a color or a number to a certain room in your new home. Then, in your inventory, indicate which boxes contain the belongings that are categorized under a certain color or number code. For example, blue or 1 refers to the kitchen; red or 2 belongs to the living room. On your master list, if a box contains kitchen tools, then label the box blue or 1.

Label each box on multiple sides. When labeling, it’s important to make the label readable and easy to identify. One way of doing so is by putting up or writing the designated labels on the different sides of the boxes.

Indicate which ones are fragile. Of course, there will be items in your moving boxes that are fragile and breakable. Whether you’re moving on your own or you’ve hired a northern Virginia moving company, putting “fragile” or “handle with care” labels provide great help. You can use specially-labeled tapes or handwrite the letters yourself in black or red. The bottomline is: Make them readable.

Get help from professional packers. Perhaps you don’t have enough time before the moving day. Or you’re caught up with dealing with other items on your moving to-do list. Whatever the case is, there are professional moving and packing companies you can always get help from. Just make sure to book a reliable one and keep an open line of communication with them. The key when hiring experts in the field is to carefully relay your instructions.

If you are looking forward to a stress-free northern Virginia moving, you can only do that by tapping convenient and cost-effective moving solutions. Call us at Mi-Box today!

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