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5 Tips to Prevent Spider Infestation

Spiders could be harmless to humans but the most disgusting arachnids you can share with the comfort of your house. If you are arachnophobic, you cannot tolerate the slightest scene of a spider in your home. Spiders infest your house in search of their prey like a housefly and other crawling insects that they feed on.

The best way of ensuring your house stays free of spiders is practicing high standards of cleanliness to ensure the spiders do not make their webs on your walls and other hidden places. If you lack the experience to scare spiders away from your property you can contact Detroit spider experts to help you keep them away. This article will give you some tips for preventing spider infestations to save you the hassle.

How to prevent spider infestation on your property

1.  Ensure your house is tidy

Observing the highest standards of cleanliness not only prevents spiders from infesting your home but also stops other pests such as rodents from seeking shelter in your house. Most pests visit you during the winters when it is cold, and they are in search of shelter and food. You can stop them from entering your house by ensuring it is clean always.

2. Building maintenance

Ensure you repair all the cracks and holes that may exist on your walls. Spiders can easily penetrate through a small opening on the wall and find their way inside the house. By blocking all the cracks and holes in your building, you prevent spiders from infesting your house.

3. Plant mint

Mint plant is known to scare away spiders with their strong scent. You can plant lots of mint plants on around you building to keep the spiders off your house. Ensure you prune the plants surrounding your house to stop their branches from spreading to your roof and window and allowing other pests to enter your house.

4. Keep outdoor lights off

Most insects that spiders feed on are attracted by light. Keeping your outdoor lights off can help you prevent spider infestations in your house when you stop drawing their prey with the artificial light. You might consider installing sodium-vapor bulbs that scare away insects if you must keep your outdoor lights on at night.

5. Spray natural oils

Natural oils produce scents that scare away spiders. You can quickly drive away spiders from your house by spraying the corners, cracks, and holes in your walls with vinegar and natural oils. Five or twenty drops of natural oil spread on the wall will have spiders parking. You can also place chestnuts and Osage orange close to a corner of your house where you frequently notice spider activities to scare them away.


Dealing with spiders when they infest your house requires experience and skill. Sometimes you can opt for a residual pesticide with pyrethrum content to scare away the spiders, but this is needless because spiders will not harm you unless you provoke them. Preventing spider infestation is cheaper than exterminating them from your house. Always refer to the tips given here if you look forward to keeping your property free of annoying spiders

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